Doctor & Nurse Ltd Accounts

Are you a doctor? Working as Locum or subcontractor work? Are you a nurse doing subcontractor work? Getting payments to your Limited company Accounts? Or do you want to open a Limited company? Reliance Accountant & Tax Advisors is the right place for you. We have been providing accounting services to lots of doctors and nurses around the UK. We will advice you most efficient remuneration structure for example: Salary, dividends and more. Our special service includes the following:

  • We deal with HMRC and Companies House on all issues, formation of the company and registering at Companies House.
  • We register the company with HMRC and set up a company payroll scheme.
  • We prepare the statutory company accounts and submit these to the Companies House.
  • Preparation of the company tax return form CT600 together with corporation tax and capital allowances computations and submission of these to HMRC.
  • Dealing with company payroll including preparation of payslips, forms P60, P45 and company PAYE dispensation
  • We set up accounting record system for the company and provide record keeping advice.
  • We can do monthly or quarterly bookkeeping for your company.
  • We can prepare company board minutes and dividend vouchers.
  • We provide advice in the following:
  • On the officers of the company i.e. company director/s and company secretary.
  • On the most tax efficient shareholder structure and remuneration structure for the company.
  • Legal obligations placed on the company director/s and secretary.
  • Tax-allowable expenditure for the company e.g. salaries, training, motor expenses, medical equipment and computer equipment.
  • On employment related benefits in kind.
  • On the company’s corporation tax payment required and the due date for payment.

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