How can you submit personal tax return?

If you are self employed or sole trader you need to register as a Self Employed with HMRC. You should register with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) if you need to complete a Self Assessment tax return. For example you may have started self-employment or letting property. HMRC will then decide if you need a tax return. If you do, they’ll set up your tax records and send you a Unique Taxpayer Reference.

Paper Submission: Once you get the UTR and HMRC request to you submit Self Assessment Tax return and sent you a paper form. You need to fill up the form and sent to HMRC Address (mentioned in the form) by 31st October. Online Submission: If you want submit your tax online you have more time till 31st January 2013 following your tax year end date 6th April. You need to register with HMRC online service. Once you registered for online, you also activate the service.

This is basically HMRC will provide a code to your business address. You need put the code in the HMRC website and activate the service. Then you select the tax return and follow the process till completion. Need any help you can contact Low Cost Accountant on 02073776161 to help you.